MAXXLINK is developing technology to increase power and reliability, reduce noise and improve sound quality. The following products will help you know the MAXXLINK product line.

V3, V2 and V1 for amplifier kits – Three levels of power and performance for all amplifier kits. Configured for amp install only, amplifier with RCA’s and 4 channel systems. V3 is the best with full spec copper to the CEA-2015 standards for wire. All amplifier kits contain the following technologies.

Signal Cables are divided into three categories for V3, V2 and V1.

QUADRAtwist in V3:

To reject noise QUADRAtwist takes twisting both the right and left RCAs to add another dimension creating a quad twist. Maxximum rejection of noise.

DUOtwist in V2:

DUOtwist cables use a proprietary right-angle twist to offer the highest level of rejection available in its category.

UNItwist in V1:

MAXXLINK V1 signal cables employ a precision woven tinned copper strand that offers improved flexibility. The standard foil shield has been eliminated in favor of another woven strand design offering increased surface area for improved shielding.

HEPTAflex for Power cables:

Ultra fine strands of wire are spun into seven smaller groups then bundled together to create the ultimate power wire. Combine that with a proprietary PVC jacket and you get the industry’s most flexible power wire. HEPTAflex cable is found in all levels of MAXXLINK amp kits.


All MAXXLINK V2 and V3 brass is designed without the need for troublesome reducers. Reducers minimize contact area interrupting power flow. V2 and V3 brass uses an innovative wide mouth design and proprietary screw that accepts a wider range of wire gauge with greater contact area.


Each MAXXLINK capacitor is designed with the lowest ESR (Equivalent Series Resistance) available providing the fastest recharge times possible. There are six models to choose from including digital and non-digital capacitors.

OEM Integration:

A full lineup of smart converters designed for virtually any power range covering every application from a simple subwoofer upgrade to complicated high-end OEM integration. MAXXLINK has you covered.

Sound Deadener:

The MAXXLINK sound deadener is the best for any installation and any weather (or shop) conditions. The base ingredient is Butyl Rubber as opposed to asphalt based. The means it is flexible to apply and does not become hard or brittle in colder weather.