MAXXLINK has done all the hard work. Our TESTED TOUGH accessories have been designed to be easy to install and easy to choose. No matter if you are installing one amplifier and just need advice on which power wire to choose or you are installing 12 woofers and 6 amplifiers and need to know how much capacitance to have in reserve, we will help you GET CONNECTED.

In order to give you all the information you need, we have laid out these frequently asked questions.

• Why does MAXXLINK seem to have an air of superiority?
• I’m putting in a simple system. Can I just hook up my amplifier and speakers to the wires that are already in the car?
• Which Series of MAXXLINK amplifier kits should I choose?
• How do I extend my warranty on an amplifier with MAXXLINK?
• How do I register my MAXXLINK amp kit and amplifier from Hifonics, MB Quart, Autotek or Crunch?
• What is HEPTAflex?
• What wire gauge do I use for my installation?
• What is QUADRAtwist?
• What is DUOtwist?
• What is UNItwist?
• What is HAPPItwist?
• What is FLEXIbrass?
• What is an LOC? Do I need one?
• My car has a built in system with amplifiers, how do I integrate a new amplifier?
• What does HYPERcharge mean?
• Do I need a capacitor?
• What is ESR?
• Are caps dangerous?
• How many caps do I need?
• How does the cap get wired into my install?
• What is the purpose of Sound Deadener?
• My car is brand new, do I need Sound Deadener?
• What is Sound Deadener made from?
• Comments

Q – Why does MAXXLINK seem to have an air of superiority? They seem a bit cocky.
A – Yep. We’re a bit full of ourselves, but we think it is for good reason and it only benefits you. We know that accessories are CRITICAL to maximize the performance of the system you are building. But, we think we can do it better and we can do it at a fair price. This is what we offer you:

• Experience - MAXXLINK is part of the Maxxsonics family. We are the same people that bring you Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch and Autotek car audio. WE have been doing this longer than most of our customers have been alive. So, yeah, we are confident, perhaps a bit cocky.

• Performance - Great performance! We take everything to the extreme! We have redesigned many products that were “just fine” because we want them as close to indestructible as possible.

• Good looks – MAXXLINK products are designed to look great in an install but more importantly they are designed to last. The automotive environment is a rough place to spend the rest of your life… if you’re an accessory. MAXXLINK will look good for a long time!

Q – I’m putting in a simple system. Can I just hook up my amplifier and speakers to the wires that are already in the car?
A – NO. Look at it like this. The car manufacture builds a car to hit a price range. One of the things they do to accomplish this is to trim the dollars they invest in things that you cannot see like the wiring and adapters that connect to the factory stereo. If you just spent a couple hundred bucks on a new amp, speakers or woofers, why would you hook it all up with equipment that the carmaker spent pennies on? It will take you a bit more time in the installation but the performance and sound quality will be very noticeable.

Q – Which Series of MAXXLINK amplifier kits should I choose?
A – V3 is our best! The power wire is full spec copper wire, CEA-2015 compliant and is the best you can use to maximize the performance of your amplifier. V3 RCA’s feature QUADRAtwist technology providing maximum sound quality and noise rejection. All fusing and distribution is handled through our FLEXIbrass pure machined brass products. Also, remember when you choose V3 with a Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch or Autotek amplifier you can extend your warranty by 12 months! So, V3 is clearly the best choice.

If you need great but not quite the V3, choose the V2. Still a great kit that utilizes great wire construction and using the same strand count as our V3 wire just a bit lighter. The best part is that V2 still includes FLEXIbrass and uses a DUOtwist RCA cable. And, V2 amp kits extend the warranty of your newly purchased MB QUART, Crunch, Hifonics and Autotek amplifier by an additional 6 months!

For a budget minded we suggest our V1 products. Although these amp kits are a slightly lower spec than V2 and V3, they’re still packed with features that make them a great value for consumers seeking no-compromise performance. Unfortunately, we do not offer the extended warranty program on the V1 amplifier kits.

Q – How do I extend my warranty on an amplifier with MAXXLINK.
A – Sorry, it is not “any amplifier”. While the MAXXLINK product is designed to work with any amplifier in the market, the extended warranty program from MAXXLINK only applies to the great amplifiers from Hifonics, MB Quart, Autotek and Crunch. These are brands that are part of the Maxxsonics family. MAXXLINK is the newest member of the family.

First things first, you much choose your new amplifier from Hifonics, MB Quart, Autotek or Crunch and your new MAXXLINK kit at the same time. You will need your original purchase receipt showing that both were purchased together.

Next, you must register your MAXXLINK kit and your amplifier within 30 days of purchase; otherwise the numbers for the MAXXLINK program expire.

Now with that mumbo jumbo out of the way…when you purchase a Hifonics, MB Quart, Autotek or Crunch amplifier, you are in the club. When you choose a top of the line V3 amplifier kit or amplifier kit with RCA’s, you get an extra 12 months warranty on your amplifier. If you choose a V2 amplifier kit or amplifier kit with RCA’s you get an extra 6 months warranty on your amplifier. To address the “how”, is simple. Choose your amplifier and choose your amplifier kit from the MAXXLINK V3 or V2 line. Then sit at the computer. There is a registration card with a number in your amplifier kit and you will match that # up with the serial number on your amplifier. It is that easy. Remember, the registration number is a “one time use” number, so don’t lose it or throw it away by accident. Those numbers are unique and they cannot be regenerated.

Q – How do I register my MAXXLINK amp kit and amplifier from Hifonics, MB Quart, Autotek or Crunch?
A – Simple. In the package with your new MAXXLINK V3 or V2 amplifier kit there is a small registration card on it. Keep that in your pocket. Next, on every Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch and Autotek amplifier, there is a serial number on the box and on the bottom of the amplifier. With both of those numbers you sit at a computer. Open a web browser of your choice.

MAXXLINK Registration

You will simply fill in your information and you will be set. While you’re on the page you can also consider taking advantage of the Maxxsonics extended warranty program for a few extra bucks. So, your warranty life could look like this.. With a Hifonics, MB Quart, Crunch or Autotek amplifier and a V3 MAXXLINK amplifier kit:

• Choose any Maxxsonics amplifier12 months warranty


• Choose a V3 amplifier kit 12 months extended


• Purchase an additional 12 months12 additional months

A few bucks

So, you can see, when you choose the V3 amplifier kit from MAXXLINK and spend a few dollars on the extra warranty and your Hifonics amplifier is now covered for 36 months. When you are on the registration page, you can choose more than one year and you can get warranties on other Maxxsonics amplifiers that are already in your system. All the details are on the registration page.

Just print out your records and keep your original purchase receipts and registration pages. Maxxsonics, keeps you covered.

Q - What is HEPTAflex?
A – HEPTAflex is a unique twist to the power and ground cables of MAXXLINK wire. You will be shocked to choose a V3 level full spec copper 1 gauge power or ground wire with more than 4700 strands and be able to easily turn corners and tuck it away into the vehicle’s nooks and crannies. HEPTAflex is available in V3 and V2 levels for power and ground wiring in 1, 4 and 8 gauge for power and ground with 12 gauge wire for speakers. We also offer include primary wire in the MAXXLINK mix.

Q – What wire gauge do I use for my installation?
A – The size of a wire is called the gauge. The size you choose is based on the consumption of your amplifier, which in “geek speak” is referred to as “amperes” or “amps”. Confused? Don’t be.

Your power amplifier draws current or amps from the cars electrical system. Just add up the total fuse value on all of your amplifiers to determine the potential current draw, guesstimate your wire length then find your gauge. This is only a guideline but if there’s ever any doubt about which size wire to choose, go BIGGER. The rule of thumb here is, “better safe than sorry!”

Q - What is QUADRAtwist?
A - Featured in V3 amplifier kits and in our best RCA signal cables. The best way to reject unwanted engine noise is to twist your conductor and shield. QUADRAtwist takes this to the next level by twisting both the right and left RCAs to add another dimension of noise rejection.

Q - What is DUOtwist?
A - Rejecting noise in two conductor cables requires that the conductor and shield be twisted together. All MAXXLINK DUOtwist cables use a proprietary right-angle twist to offer the highest level of rejection available in its category.

Q - What is UNItwist?
A - MAXXLINK V1 signal cables employ a coaxial design but it’s not your standard coaxial cable. The center conductor is not a solid strand but it has many precision woven tinned copper strands that offers improved flexibility. The standard foil shield has been eliminated in favor of another woven strand design offering increased surface area for improved shielding. While it may be inexpensive, it takes sound quality and noise rejection very seriously.

Q - What is a HAPPItwist?
A – This was a question to see if you were actually paying attention. We don’t know what a HAPPItwist is. If you find out, let us know via the comments.

Q – What is FLEXIbrass?
A – Sometimes the most difficult problems have the simplest solutions, right? Like those notes you used to tape to your computer. Who was the genius that added glue to the paper and that billion dollar idea was born – the notes that are sticky? Well, when it comes to brass distribution blocks, for years, installers had to use a reducer to make a big gauge wire jam it into a little hole. Reducers steal the system of valuable power. FLEXIbrass is the perfect solution. Brass that is flexible for installation. MAXXLINK distribution and fuse blocks allow the same component to accommodate multiple sizes of heavy gauge wire on the input side. And, on the output side, same thing. No reducers, no need for multiple blocks. Just the perfect idea to solve the simplest problem. Brilliant.

All MAXXLINK amplifier kits include FLEXIbrass components.

Fuse holders also incorporate FLEXIbrass connections for power and offer several combinations of AFS, AGU and MAXI fusing configurations. Several models have combined fusing options to help make system design easy.

See the details on each product to choose the best pieces for your applications.

Like we said, everything from BATTERY TO BUMPER.

Q – What does LOC mean? Do I need one?
A – LOC is an acronym. It means, “Line output converter”. You only need one, if you need one. Some cars that have stereos built in do not give the installer the option to plug in an amplifier through the RCA type jacks. In that case, the LOC allows you or the installer to connect one end of the LOC to where the speakers would be plugged in on the back of the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) radio/CD player and step down the power (voltage) to a voltage that is needed to drive clean signal into the amplifier or a signal processor.

LOC’s are chosen by power range. MAXXLINK offers 35, 50 and 75 watt versions. This is NOT additional power to your system. This is a metric for different types of voltage output from source units.

Q- My car has a built in system with amplifiers, how do I integrate a new amplifier?
MAXXLINK offers a very unique LOC which allows wiring to some of the more integrated OEM (original equipment manufacturer) audio systems. The VLOC-6V3 is a high-end six channel line output converter with signal sense turn-on, summing and blending. This great unit allows all your controls to work and you can still drive a full range audio signal to the amplifiers.

Q – What does HYPERcharge mean?
A – HYPERcharge is the term we use to describe the unique MAXXLINK capacitor designs. These capacitors feature the lowest ESR (equivalent series resistance) in the industry allowing them to recharge lightning fast! This is accomplished through the use of a hybrid design that uses two different types of capacitor in one housing to improve charge and release times substantially over standard caps.

Q - Do I need a capacitor?
A – That depends. If you are upgrading your audio system to a hundred watt amp to listen to talk and sports radio on 6x9” and 6” round speakers, probably not. However, if you are like us and you enjoy as many types of music as there are images of “boobies” on a web search, then YES, you need a cap.

Think of a cap (also called a capacitor or stiffening capacitor) as an extra storage device just for your music. Not, like a car battery. A car battery stores power and slowly discharges voltage to start your car. A MAXXLINK cap, stores power and QUICKLY discharges the power when the music and bass demand it. And, they recharge quickly. So, even a small 100 watt system will benefit from the addition of a cap.

Caps are measured in farads and micro-farads. Generally speaking, you’ll want to choose the largest cap that fits your budget. As is the case with power wire, bigger is always better. Otherwise, use the chart below to choose a cap that works best for you.

System PowerRecommended Model Number
0-1500 WattsVDC1.5V1 or VC1.5V1
1501 to 3000 WattsVDC3.0V2 or VC3.0V2
3001 to 5000 WattsVHC5V3
5001 and aboveVHC35V3

Q - What is the ESR?
A - ESR (equivalent series resistance) is the capacitors ability to discharge current quickly based on resistance. The lower the ESR spec the better. MAXXLINK capacitors have the lowest ESR in the car audio industry.

Q – Are caps dangerous?
A - Handle caps no different than your car battery. Make sure to read the manual about the initial charging of the cap and how to properly discharge a cap should you need to remove it from the installation or put it in storage for some reason.

Because MAXXLINK caps have low internal resistance and are made for holding a charge, they can arc and or make a spark during charge and discharge. This is normal. Be mindful of your surroundings. No open combustibles should be in the area where you are working.

You should not connect 12volt DC to the terminals of an uncharged capacitor. All MAXXLINK capacitors are supplied with a charge/discharge resistor, through which the capacitor is to be charged or discharged. It can take up to about a minute for the cap to reach full charge or complete discharge when using the resistor. The resistor may become hot during the process, this is normal. Refer to the manual for more information.

Be careful. As with any spark in the automotive environment, that can be a spark for combustibles. NEVER discharge a cap by touching metal between the terminals. Always use the supplied charge/discharge resistor to properly prepare your cap for installation or removal from the installation. Never store a charged capacitor near flammables or textiles as this does represent a fire hazard.

Q - How many caps do I need?
A – Great question. You can use multiple caps wired in series, however, we recommend that you choose the correct cap for your system. Add up your total power and then choose the cap. Unless you have a system with more than 35,000 watts, MAXXLINK has the cap you need. See above reference to find the right capacitor for your system.

Q – How does the cap get wired into my install?
A - Install is simple. You can download the MAXXLINK capacitor manual here and here is a quick visual aide. It is important that the cap be installed as close the amplifier(s) as possible to maximize performance.

Q – What is the purpose of Sound Deadener?
A – The enemy of great sound in any vehicle is noise. That noise comes through the doors, through the floor boards and even through the engine wall and from the trunk area. The trick to creating a perfect listening environment is to isolate the interior of the vehicle from the big bad, sound killing, road outside. To do that, you need Sound Deadener. MAXXLINK makes choose the right package easy. You can get just a small piece already cut to just quiet the noisy door metal behind the speaker, or a full doors kits all the way up to a full vehicle package in a couple different sizes so you can take care of floor boards, doors, headlines.. just about the entire car.

Sorry, we do not make a “mute the passenger” kit… yet.

Q – My car is brand new, do I need Sound Deadener?
A – It depends. If you’re putting in a smaller system, let’s say a small amp, 4 speakers and a single 8” subwoofer, probably not. However, if you are going to really get serious about this system with 10” or 12” woofers, a few hundred watts and component speakers or high end two-way or three-way speakers, yes.

The OEM design for your vehicle is built to a standard that does not include the SPL and the increased use of a high end audio system. Do yourself a favor, if you’re going to be in the “high end” club, at least consider the Sound Deadener for your doors and area around the subwoofers. Your friends might not know the difference, but you will.

Q – What is Sound Deadener made from?
A – Basically, there are two types. Most are made from a tar or asphalt based product. While it does mute or quiet the noises is it impossible to work with. It is very stiff and requires toxic solvents to clean the surface and heat guns that burn at 1000 degrees (they look like a hair dryer, but they are NOT a hair dryer). So, putting in this type of product is toxic and you can easily burn yourself.


MAXXLINK solves all these challenges by designing its Sound Deadener with a different base product. Rubber. Butyl rubber that is. The reason for its superiority is that Butyl rubber is supple and remains so even in extreme weather. This makes it a snap for installation and NO toxic chemicals required for cleaning the door. Just wipe off any dust and you’re ready to go. But, the BEST part may be the box is comes in. It is flat packed. The other products come in a roll so you have to lay it out in the sun to get it flat, like unrolling your Bananarama poster from the 90’s. It’s ready to go from FLOOR TO DOOR when it’s delivered. The UPS guy can help lay it up.

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