Tested Tough! That's the foundation for every MAXXLINK product. Hours of design and testing into each part to ensure that they not only meet but far exceed industry standards for performance and durability.

All MAXXLINK products are color-coded and clearly labeled with our handy performance meter. This helps you choose the products that are right for your system and your budget. For example, all V3 products feature MAXX blue packaging along with our Level 10 performance indicator. After all, these are our best products! If you choose a V3 amp kit and need to purchase a matching RCA or capacitor, simply look for the blue package and the Level 10 performance indicator. The color for our V2 package is silver and the performance indicator reads Level 7, indicating that this is our mid-level line of products. The entry-level V1 products are all packed in bright red with a performance level of 5. Of course, if you want to talk to an expert about which items are best for your particular application, please don't hesitate to call our technical support team at 847-540-7700.

Only MAXXLINK car audio installation accessories are specifically designed to work with AUTOTEK, CRUNCH, HIFONICS, and MBQUART amplifiers. MAXXLINK products are Tested Tough. MAXXLINK is so confident that these products will improve system performance that we will extend your new amplifier warranty by as much as 12 months!